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About The Author

George Moakley started his career studying biology, with dreams of doing fieldwork and ecosystem modeling. To make ends meet, he took a data entry position with a precious metals company. Throughout his long career in the tech industry, George gained an inside perspective on various scientific and business practices, including designing Edge Intelligence solutions and conducting strategic planning workshops. He owns several patents, and holds prestigious advisory positions with ASU’s School of Business and UCI’s Customer Experience Program.


A fan of science fiction since childhood, George remains fascinated by the hard sciences. He feeds his passion for nature through photography while traveling the world; he also regularly partakes in hiking and scuba diving. Such travels have brought great joy, but also great concern about the fragility of our ecosystems. He has witnessed devastation caused by climate change, invasive species, overfishing, and other environmental issues. George is a long time member of the Nature Conservancy; a meeting with a conservancy representative in 2019 inspired a strategic thought experiment, regarding how the twenty-first century

is likely to play out. The results were sobering, but provided the real-life inspiration behind Kraken of Eden.


Today, George makes his home in sunny Arizona with his inspiration, Diana. Between them, they have seven kids. When he’s not locked away writing, he loves to visit his children and grandchildren, and can often be spotting driving back and forth from various sports activities.


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